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Freddie is a homeless man who lives in Miami. Olivia is a recently divorced woman who is looking for a bookshelf for her new home. They first meet on the street when Olivia and her friend give Freddie money on the condition that he buy himself food, not drugs. Their paths intersect again at the local Salvation Army, where Olivia discovers what connects her to this stranger.

Freddie of Wynwood is a short film based on a true story that took place in Wynwood, a neighborhood that has transitioned from being one of the roughest to one of the most up and coming in Miami. The affluent and trendy come to Wynwood to enjoy the massive murals, galleries, and restaurants. At the same time, many streets and empty lots are where most of Miami's homeless still live. 

Without over-dramatizing, “Freddie of Wynwood” explores this dichotomy and makes us reevaluate how we see others. It exemplifies how stereotypes and appearances are often inaccurate. It is also a story about the joy and connection that comes from a simple act of kindness.

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